The Canadian Asatru Portal
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This site has been created for the express purpose of bringing together those who are unfamiliar with Asatru and those who are seeking to connect with other Heathens in Canada.

First to those who have never heard of Asatru before or perhaps have a friend or loved one who is interested in Asatru. Here you will find the basics of what Asatru is and what it isn't. This site is dedicated solely to giving you the straight forward truth, no more and no less.

To the heathens that live within Canada, welcome to perhaps the only site dedicated solely to Canadian Asatru. This site is non-ideological, nonpartisan, and apolitical so that all heathens can benefit from it.

A fresh round of updates are coming to, updating and adding new links and information, in the meantime have a visit to the Heathenry in Canada Wiki which has been created as a communal resource for Heathenry in Canada.

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