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Legal Status in Canada

Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms we are guaranteed the following Fundamental Freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

(d) freedom of association.

There are no federally recognized Asatru organizations in Canada at this time.
The Federal Government of Canada does not recognize any religion, however it is up to Revenue Canada to determine who is granted Charity Status.

It is up to each province to determine who qualifies for legal status as a religion. The most relevant issue regarding legal status is the authority to officiate wedding ceremonies. In most provinces this is outlined in the Marriage Act, Societies Act or the Office of Vital Statistics. Many of these acts require that the group incorporate, are able to produce a list or statement of religious practice and membership and exist within the province for a certain amount of time. There are some groups and individuals who have successfully been recognized under these laws, the most difficult province seems to be Ontario.

According to some research, Canada and the US have a reciprocal tax treaty whereby recognized religions in one country can be recognized in the other. This could be used as a ‘back-door’ for groups seeking recognition.

Active Kindreds

Here is a list of almost every active kindred in Canada.

Hunter’s Moon Hearth – Edmonton, Alberta

Odinism is a living religion, a combination of cultural, material, ethical and spiritual realities as they relate to our folk family and our place in creation. It evolves, as we evolve, we evolve, as it evolves.

Millerstead Kindred – Saltspring Island, British Columbia

The Millerstead Kindred was founded eight years ago with the coming together of the Miller and the Stead families with the birth of Eldin Heath. In this coming together, some six families are brought together, united by our blood-ties, our oaths, and our love for each other.

Heathen Freehold Society – British Columbia, Canada,

The Heathen Freehold Society (formerly the Asatru Freehold) was founded in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, during the spring of 2002. Since then, the Freehold has grown to include members from all over the province. Our greatest purpose is to assist in the contemporary revival of the elder culture and religion of the ancient Germanic, Teutonic and Nordic tribes

Wodan’s Kindred – Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Since 1990 we have honoured our ancient gods. We perform two Blots each week – one to Odin, and one to Frigga. And we observe the various holy days of our Folk with Blot, Sumble, and Feast throughout the Asa-year. However, since we left the Asatru Alliance we are no longer a “public” kindred. Our public activity continues mostly through our two websites: & Through these two websites we introduce, and then inform, our European-American cousins across Vinland, and the world, about their Ancestral Religion and Culture – without the politics so prevalent amongst our peers

The Prairie Sky Hearth – Winnipeg, Manitoba

We are a family hearth located in Winnipeg that does not hold public blots at this time, but we are an apprentice hearth of the Odinic Rite. We are open to meeting others and are involved in areas such as wine making, crafting, subsistence gardening, The 100 Mile Diet, and herbalism

Odin’s Volk Asatru – Oakville/Toronto, Ontario

Odin’s Volk Asatru is an ethnic, spiritual and cultural organization dedicated to the study, practice and advancement of the ancestral pre-Christian religion of the Pan-Germanic tribes that originated in Northern Europe.

Kenaz Kindred – Kitchener, Ontario

Welcome to Kenaz Kindred, a small kindred located in Kitchener, Ontario.

Grastó Hearth – Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario

“Grastó” Is an Old Icelandic term which translates as “A grassy spot among cliffs, ” which fairly describes the beautiful landscape within which we are blessed to dwell. We are a Heathen group with many members active in a wider Pagan community, both locally and elsewhere. We gather to hold Blót and other path-oriented activites at least once a month.

Runatyr Kindred – Ottawa, Ontario

Rúnatýr Kindred, founded at Yule 2008,is named after one of the many kennings used
in honour of Odin, it means ‘god of the runes’. We now have a large group of
dedicated heathens and non-heathens (friends of the kindred) who come together for
monthly open sumbels, quarterly blots and many more heathen communal activities. Our
folk range from the more heathen-conservative folkish (though no racialists) and a
number of universalists, who may not be heathen in name, but are good folk who live
by their word and the virtues of our kin. This enables the curious to come and enjoy
our company and folkway without the need to become an oathed-member. We offer many
heathen education meets, such as a study of the runes, lore and much more. We also
operate in a tribal fashion and strongly guard our thew and wyrd. Rúnatýr Kindred
does not discriminate against anyone at anytime for any reason, especially with
regards to ethnic ancestry and sexual orientation.

Island Mountain Hearth – Montreal, Quebec

Started December 1997. Prize-winning mead-makers. Hosts sporadic events (Edda study groups, mead-making & mead-judging seminars, seidhr, Montreal Mead Meet, Jordsvin’s Asatru workshops). Provides guest lectures/seminars on Norse pantheon, mead-making, mead-judging, seidhr, Saxon wands, etc. for individuals, groups or events such as Crescent Moon School, Kaleidoscope Gathering, Bifost Festival, In-Fest. Contributor to pagan competition prizes & charity auctions. Participates in Yule Fair, Beltane Fair, Harvest Fair, Song Circle.

Grá-auga’s pagan an Elder in the Montreal Pagan Community, active since 1990, began the first Montreal community pagan newsletter, usually leads one community blot and/or helps organize one community ritual per year, co-organizer & panel discussion moderator Montreal Pagan Community Conference 2005 (assisting also in 2007), co-founder Althing Canada, assisted in bringing pan-Canadian Asatru clergy into the Pagan Pastoral Outreach program of Pagan Federation / Fédération Païenne Canada, assisted in suppling mini kits to pagan Canadian Forces personnel abroad, performs handfastings upon request. Attendance and/or participation in private hearth blots, etc. is by invitation only.

Nine Mountains Kindred – Montreal, Quebec

Nine Mountains Kindred has been founded September 17, 2011. It is a bilingual urban kindred of Norse / Germanic reconstructionists located on the island of Montreal. The name refers to a linear chain of isolated hills between the Laurentians and the Appalachians, one of which is Mont-Royal, located in the heart of our city. Our innangard consists of four members. We honour our ancestors, the landvaettir and the Gods and Goddesses of the Norse / Germanic pantheon. We do pub moots monthly.

Please email if you have any questions.

Austrugr Kindred – Nova Scotia

Family.  Friends.  Community.

The Austrugr Kindred was formed in August of 2004, and currently consists of 4 permanent members.  The word austrugr is Old Norse for east, which we feel is fitting.  We are to our knowledge, the only active Kindred in Nova Scotia. The Austrugr Kindred is unaffiliated with any (inter)national groups (such as the Troth or the AFA), nor are interested in being so.

Mapleheim Kindred – Ottawa, Ontario

Mapleheim Kindred is located in Ottawa, Ontario. We are a semi-public kindred, that
holds twice yearly open blots at Yule and Summer Solstice. We hold monthly
classes, focusing on lore, mythology, rune studies and the Havamal. Our outdoor
worship site is located in Curran, Ontario, on 75 acres of private property owned by
two members of the kindred.

The Wayfarer’s Kindred – Barrie, Ontario

The Wayfarers is an independent Asatrú kindred located near Barrie, Ontario, Canada (just north of Toronto). It is our view that Asatrú is best practised within the context of a faith community grounded in mutual respect, honour, and friendship. The ethical framework of both our kindred and its members are patterned on the “Nine Noble Virtues” of Asatrú. We honour the Æsir and the Vanir, the land spirits, and our ancestors through regular blóts and sumbels held throughout the year.

Other Kindreds – Status Unknown

Black Pine Hearth
Edmonton, Alberta

Order of the Northern Watch – Odinic Tower
Ontario, Canada

Oakseed Hearth
Ottawa, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario

Silver Wolf Asatru Kindred
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Fiskiörn Kindred
Halifax, Nova Scotia Inactive

Heritage and Tradition Kindred
Montreal, PQ, Canada Inactive

Asatru Assembly of Skraelingland
Montréal, Québec Inactive

Ottawa’s Grimnirstatdr Hearth Ottawa, Ontario

Active Forums

This is a list of Canadian specific forums related to Asatru.
Ontario Heathens Facebook
A group for people in Ontario, who want to discuss Heathen related subjects whether they be political, social or religious.This is a general group and and not affiliated with any sector of Heathenism be it Folkish, Universalist, Theodish, etc. HOWEVER, any form of racism will not be tolerated. Feel free to submit meet ups, pub moots, or study group events.

Atlantic-Canadian Provinces based Heathen and Volkisch Theod

We are an Atlantic-Canadian Provinces based Heathen and Volkisch Theod, though not limited to that area. Our focus is on community, and tribe, and growing a strong sense of fellowship with our folk, with nature and our Gods and Goddesses. Our main focus is on community and spirit, and growing and developing strong ties with kindred folk.

Calgary Pub Moot

The goal of the group is to encourage sharing of knowledge and comradery in the Calgary area Heathen community.


Havamal-Canada is a discussion group where Canadian heathens can discuss the Havamal in a structured, frithful atmosphere

Maritime Heathens

Hail! And welcome to Maritime Heathens. The intention of this group is to become a meeting place and network for Maritime Heathens (Asatru, Forn Sed, etc).
While based out of Halifax, NS, this group is open to all Heathens throughout Eastern Canada

Northern Mysteries

This group is for the discussion of all different types of magic in the Northern/Heathen/Ásatrú tradition. rúnar – seidhr – spá – útiseta – hamfara – and more

ODIN’S VOLK Open Forum

This open forum is intended specifically for all heathens who are proud of their European heritage, and for Asatruar who seek to revitalize the ancestral spirituality of the Northern Way.


The Canadian Heathen was first established in 1998 as a meeting place for Germanic Heathens. Since 2002 it has been hosted by the Heathen Freehold Society of British Columbia.

Tor Thing

This is a Toronto-based list for those of like mind interested in sharing experiences with other Heathens and Ásatrú — followers of the old gods of northern Europe.

Winnipeg Heathens and Reconstructionalist Pagans

We are an informal group of individuals who live in or near Winnipeg, MB. We follow a spiritual path based on folk/ethnic/cultural traditions and historical documentation.

Frithling Society of Newfoundland

Newfie? Heathen? Non-fluff? Best kind.

Heathen Freehold Society of BC

The Freehold is a confederation of independent Heathen individuals, households, kindreds and tribes who have united around this historic purpose. Now registered as a charitable society, the Heathen Freehold Society is pioneering where no Canadian Heathen have gone before.

Runatyr Kindred Forum
These forums have been established to promote a community atmosphere amongst the Runatyr Kindred’s members.

Did we miss your group? Know of a forum that should be included? Let us know!